Our Smart Start teaching staff is passionate about caring for and educating children and have made it their priority to empower the children and families at Smart Start.  

Gina Anderson, Owner:

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Registered Nurse
Although I am a registered nurse and a small business owner, I think it's important to share that my most important role in life is a mother. The search for childcare suitable for my children has driven me to create Smart Start and focus every effort on quality. As a testament to our daily mission, vision and goals, we are beginning to see other childcare centers attempt to replicate some form of what we do. We strive every day to provide a safe, happy and healthy learning environment because we know it's important for every child.

At Smart Start, the teachers and I are all very passionate about children, safety, education and health and wellness. We have had the fortune of building strong relationships with our current families all while creating a genuinely unique and purposeful experience. Throughout all the years of nursing, all the research and education along the way and all the planning and preparing done to create this authentic childcare center, it is my privilege to get to know the families and community we serve.

I'd love the opportunity to demonstrate how Smart Start is different. Additionally, our current families have offered to speak on behalf of their experience at Smart Start. They are an excellent source of information and they are more than happy to answer questions pertaining to current and past experiences.

Thank you so much for visiting Smart Start Childcare and Learning Center's website and I especially thank you for your interest.

Gina Anderson, RN, BSN

Our Staff

Miss Taylor,

My goal as an educator is to help children grow and develop to their full potential so that they have a strong foundation instilled for their next stage in life! An interesting fact about me is that I play the Violin!

Miss Stephanie,

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education 
I chose Early Childhood Education because I love children.  Working with children is so fun – I love how every day is different. I love teaching children new things, even though, I actually learn from them daily. I admire children’s energy, honesty, creativity, and their resilience. Children motivate me and make me a healthier person: I am a firm believer in leading by example; therefore, I follow a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy foods and keeping active (which comes in handy when I need to keep up with them). Lastly, I love to help children and their families. It’s the most rewarding job because knowing that my job is to help kids achieve their full potential and to help them feel happier/better about themselves brings a huge smile to my face.

My favorite thing about Smart Start is that it’s a small locally owned child care center, therefore, as a teacher you are able to really learn and connect with the children and their parents. Having a great relationship with the parents helps children succeed even more.

Miss Kelsey,

Child Development Associate Accreditation through the National Credentialing Program
Children are my passion in life and seeing them grow each and every day is a blessing. I couldn't be happier with my job and the families at Smart Start. I love being able to teach the children new things and help them explore.

Miss Maggie,

Pursuing Bachelor of Arts Degree in Early Childhood Education
​​I am currently attending the University of Wisconsin, River Falls, initially for Health Education but, because of my experience at Smart Start, I have switched my major to Early Childhood Education. My goal as an educator is to make a difference.  Children have always been my passion and I love seeing the changes throughout their growth process.

Miss Margaret,

I am currently pursuing my degrees in Spanish, Biology, and Elementary Education. I have a passion for teaching and I hope I will be able to use my education to make a difference in a classroom setting. Before working at Smart Start I had spent time as a tutor and mentor to elementary aged students at the Mahtomedi elementary school, which was the district that I also happened to graduate from. I also have had experience working with children when babysitting. I started working at Smart Start in June 2017 and have loved every moment of it. I love working with the children, families, and my coworkers. It is amazing watching all of the children grow, learn and develop into such wonderful individuals. It is so much fun helping and watching the children learn new skills. 

Miss Brooke,

Pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Family Science
I began working with children when I was 15 years old while coaching an all-day hockey camp and have since fallen in love with teaching. Early childhood is a crucial time in children's development.  Building their self-esteem and confidence in learning is very important to me and one of my favorite things about educating children.

Miss Kaitlyn,

Child Development Associate Accreditation through the National Credentialing Program
I have my CDA and hope to continue to further my education in Early Childhood Development. I have always had a passion for children.  Watching them grow every day and learn something new is my favorite thing. The one thing that I love most about childcare is that I get to see so many young creative kids.  My favorite thing about Smart Start is the connection I have built with the kids and their families. 

Miss Katie,

Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Management ​
I graduated from UW River Falls with my Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Wellness Management and I want to go back for Child Development.  My goal as an educator is to help encourage and teach young children about healthy living.  I love watching children learn, grow, smile and accomplish so much over the years.

Miss Kayla,

My favorite thing about working with children is seeing how each child learns and grows into his/her true self and the joy of making and seeing them happy. I enjoy making the babies giggle and the little conversations I get with the preschoolers and toddlers.

Miss Tina,

I am working on my Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and have taken several courses towards this goal. I have been working with children since 2009, and have experience in all ages from 6 weeks until 12-years-old.  My favorite part about working with children is watching them grow and the "AH-HA" moment when they get something they have been working really hard on. I also love that every day is different and no two days are the same.

Miss Lindsey,

Pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education 
​I was a volunteer cheerleading coach for a number of years in high school, working with 5th-8th graders, which is how I became interested in working with children. My favorite thing about working in early childhood is how much children absorb at each stage. I love seeing how kids' minds work, develop and grow and I love playing a part in ​that.

Miss Breanna,

I have worked with children of all age groups in a variety of childcare settings and what I like most about children is playing with them outside and watching them learn and grow.

Miss Madison,

Ever since elementary school, I've wanted to be a teacher. I love everything about spending time with, looking after and teaching children and hope to be a Kindergarten teacher.

Miss Mia,

My goal is to become a Kindergarten teacher. Here at Smart Start, I have fallen in love with working with children. I’ve been lucky enough to work with all age groups and working with children never fails to brighten my day. I love being able to watch children grow from infancy through preschool.