Our Smart Start teaching staff is passionate about caring for and educating children and have made it their priority to empower the children and families at Smart Start.

Gina Anderson, Owner:

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Registered Nurse
Although I am a registered nurse and a small business owner, I think it's important to share that my most important role in life is a mother. The search for childcare suitable for my children has driven me to create Smart Start and focus every effort on quality. As a testament to our daily mission, vision and goals, we are beginning to see other childcare centers attempt to replicate some form of what we do. We strive every day to provide a safe, happy and healthy learning environment because we know it's important for every child.

At Smart Start, the teachers and I are all very passionate about children, safety, education and health and wellness. We have had the fortune of building strong relationships with our current families all while creating a genuinely unique and purposeful experience. Throughout all the years of nursing, all the research and education along the way and all the planning and preparing done to create this authentic childcare center, it is my privilege to get to know the families and community we serve.

I'd love the opportunity to demonstrate how Smart Start is different. Additionally, our current families have offered to speak on behalf of their experience at Smart Start. They are an excellent source of information and they are more than happy to answer questions pertaining to current and past experiences.

Thank you so much for visiting Smart Start Childcare and Learning Center's website and I especially thank you for your interest.

Gina Anderson, RN, BSN

Our Staff