At Smart Start Childcare and Learning Center, we take pride in our home-like environment and work continuously to keep our center feeling safe, secure, clean, neat, organized, happy and comfortable.

We are happy to offer larger classrooms with smaller class sizes and lower child to teacher ratios.  Children are under qualified supervision at all times in a safe, secure, healthy and happy learning environment.  Parents are welcome to visit anytime during operating hours and parents are also welcome to review our childcare program plan which is created, reviewed and updated annually by our qualified staff and is available anytime upon request.

Outdoor Classroom

To the uninformed eye, an outdoor classroom may look like nothing more than children playing outside as children always have. But play in the outdoor classroom means something much deeper. It provides children the opportunity to initiate their own activities, and curb their need to explore, imagine, try new things and learn alone or with friends. 

  • The learning that occurs in an outdoor classroom blends seamlessly between subject areas and this leads to a very natural way of learning that children are drawn to. It is an extension of the indoor classroom and it creates a physical and social environment where children feel similarly welcomed, trusted and respected
  • The Outdoor Classroom also provides an area of natural learning through the growing and care of many different types of flowers and vegetables that the children have helped to plant and harvest.
  • The Outdoor Classroom offers a balance of areas for both physically and less active play; messy play with water and sand; space to build and design with loose parts; natural objects to balance on; and to use the magic of their imagination. There are areas for quiet reading and reflecting as well as space to put on a show for their guests. All sorts of senses are activated while creating a masterpiece on the music wall or whispering through the talking tube. Creating art outside takes away much of the natural barriers that the indoor classroom holds.

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